Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Next Phase of Retirement Security - Securities America


What happens if you outlive your retirement income?  How can you make sure that you don't?  Introducing NextPhase™ a structured investment program designed for retirement.

What happens if you outlive your retirement income?  How can you make sure that you don't?  These questions are always in the back of our minds.  But to answer them you need to know the unknowable:  how long will you live?  How long will your health last?  There are just so many uncertainties.

One way to reduce this uncertainty is to break your retirement down into many shorter time periods.   Shorter time frames are easier to plan for and you can set aside specific sums of money for each one.  By doing so, you can plan for the lifestyle and financial needs you expect to have in that period and  use that focus to structure your investing.

More certainty and better control are the goals of a program that I often recommend to clients.  NextPhase™ helps you meet your needs during retirement using pools of assets working for you over time.  Here's how it works:

While always focusing on your unique financial circumstances, we work with you to gather and divide your assets among a guaranteed income stream and up to six pools of investments that are tied to specific future time frames.  The guaranteed income stream and first pool give  you immediate, regular income, while the other pools of investments are designed to grow until they are needed. The more conservative pools are larger with shorter time horizons. The more aggressive investment pools are smaller with longer time horizons so they have the potential to grow. As time goes by, each pool is drained to fill the reservoir that provides your guaranteed, regular income stream. 

We use the NextPhase™ program because it offers you:
  • The confidence that comes working within a structured plan.
  • A guaranteed income designed to last for your entire lifetime.
  • Freedom to spend your retirement money as you wish within your plan’s guidelines.
  • A reduced level of uncertainty regarding the amount and regularity of your retirement income.  
  • The ability to plan a legacy for your heirs or charitable good works. 
For many clients breaking their plans into a series of shorter periods makes good financial sense.  And so does NextPhase™.

Graphic Elements:  The graphic above will simplified and animated with the various buckets rising and falling in sequence over an investors life.  Either bars or actual buckets will be used.

The 5 benefits of Next Step will be tied to 5 separate graphics or words that will emphasize the points of Confidence, Guarantee, Freedom, Certainty and Legacy.

Other video elements will be added as well.

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