Thursday, November 4, 2010

Advisor Interview Questions

Questions Approved
The personal interview should focus on showcasing the Advisor's personality and perspective.  The italicized comments are simply guidance for the type of message outcome each question is designed to elicit.  The goal is to give a prospective client a picture of who you are and how you operate in less than 
two minutes.

Landing page description:
Recently Comunicato asked a few questions of (advisor) .  Here's what he (/she)  had to say.

Video Script:
Why did you become a financial advisor?
Showcase values and beliefs.  Talk about clients/people.
I grew up in the business.  My father was an advisor and I watched him help people build safe and secure futures.  

I started out in Accounting but I found that what I loved most was working with people on their most important issues.  Helping someone achieve their goals is so much more fulfilling than debits and credits.

Roughly 80% of all financial advisors quit the business after a few years.  Why have you stayed?
Showcase success, expertise, enjoyment etc.
I decided from the start to treat my practice as a business.  I was going to invest in the tools, expertise and resources necessary to create the kind of value that clients deserve.  

I had a plan and I worked my plan.  I didn't give up and lo and behold it paid off.  Just like a good financial plan.  I also had some great early clients that helped me understand what it meant to be a true advisor.

Well I had an advantage, coming from Investment Banking - my earliest clients were people I'd developed strong relationships with in the Corporate world.  And they introduced me to their friends and they to theirs and so on.  The rest is history.  I've found that if you good work people will beat  a path to your door.

Can you give an example of how your work as an advisor makes a difference for people?
Specific client story.
Early on I had a client with significant health problems come to me.  He was fearful that he wouldn't be around long enough to protect his wife and kids.  We put an aggressive plan together and he made it.  Like he feared, he died young, but he died knowing his family was protected.  They're all still clients.  I'll never forget him.

What are the most important factors in building a successful financial future?
Short list, simple, clean concise.
Having a realistic plan and sticking to it over the long haul.  Covering all the bases.  Patience.  And faith, in yourself, and in your plan.

Honesty.  First and foremost telling yourself the truth and using that as the basis for your financial future.  After that:  consistency - doing the basics year in, year out.  And finally, trust.  Trust your judgment, including that of the advisors you've chosen.

Is there anything else you think someone considering a financial advisor should keep in mind?
Branding message for you.
An advisory relationship is built on trust.  Trust in their expertise, their judgement, and most importantly:  their integrity.  

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