Tuesday, August 3, 2010

IFG Interview


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Recently I was asked a few questions about our partnership with Integrated Financial Group and the role I play as a financial advisor.  Here’s what I said:

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Recently, was asked a few questions about partnership with the Integrated Financial Group.  

First of all, what exactly is Integrated Financial Group?
IFG is a consortium of top independent financial planning and personal investment management firms located in cities throughout the nation who have joined together to provide the industry’s best tools, solutions and expertise to our clients.

How do you get to be a member?
IFG chooses its members from among the top 10 percent of financial advisory firms in the nation.  To be selected, a firm must already be a leader in their own community and have a reputation for competence and integrity.  So you can see that we're very pleased to be chosen.

What makes the combination of and IFG different than a big brand name brokerage?
Independence WITH expertise.  IFG members are completely independent of all external pressures to sell this product or move that security.  With IFG we have the ability to leverage some of the top talent in the industry - each IFG member brings a particular set of expertise that the entire group can leverage.

How does that difference translate into value for your clients?
First, they have our total attention – they know that we’re not focused on hitting the next bonus level or winning that trip to Maui, because we don’t have those things.  Second, our advice is completely independent – we have the total freedom to do what’s best in a client’s particular circumstance without having to consider any corporate goal.  And we do this while offering our clients access to the highest quality services, products and expertise usually associated only with mega-firms.

Anything else that our audience should know about you and IFG?
The only way to determine if a financial advisor is a good fit is to sit down with them and talk about it.

How can someone get in touch with you if they would like to learn more?
You can contact me at or telephone me on xxx.xxx.xxxx.

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